Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First in Himachal Pradesh

First Chief Commissioner - Sh. N.C. Mehta (I.C.S)
First Chief Secretary – Sh. K.L. Mehta (I. C. S)
First Chief Justice – Lt. Justice Hamidulah Beg
First Women Chief Justice – Mrs. Leela Seth
First Chief Minister – Dr. Y. S. Parmar
First Chairman of HPPSC – Lt. Gen. K. S. Katoch
First Chairman of H.P.S.S.S.B. Hamirpur - Sh. K.C. Malhotra
First Member of Rajya Sabha- Sh. Chiranji Lal Verma
First Governor died in office – Sh. Surendra Nath
First Women Minister in the Union Cabinet – Rajkumar Amrit Kaur
First Vice-Chancellor of Horticulture University, Nauni (Solan) – Dr. M. R. Thakur
First Vice-Chancellor of Agriculture University, Palampur (Kangra) – Dr. Het Ram Kalia
First Chariman of H.P. Administrative Tribunal – Justice Hira Singh Thakur
First Deputy Chief Commissioner – Sh. E. P. Moon
First Deputy Speaker - Sh. Krishna Chander
First Private Uniuversity in Himachal Pradesh – Jaypee University of Information Technology, Waknaghat (Solan)
First Army Chief From Himachal Pradesh – Gen. V. N. Sharma
Fist Hydro Electric Project with underground switch yard – Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojna (Kinnour)
First Railway Line - Kalka –Shimla (9 Nov, 1903)
First Lok Sabha Election - 1952
First Five Year Plan – 1951-1956
First Pucca House in Shimla – Klennedy House (1822 A.D.)
First Governor Genral to Visit Shimla – Lord Amherst (1827 A.D.)
First PArshuram Avard Reciepient (Sports) – Suman Rawat
First Person from Himchal Pradesh to become Chief Justice of India – Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan
First Mughal Ruler of Kangra – Akbar
First Winner of Vir Chakra – HavildarTopge
First Winner of Param Vir Chakra – Major Somnath Sharma
First to climb Mount Everest – Sunil Sharma
Youngest Girl to Scale Mount Everedst – Dicky Dolma
Oldest Democracy in the world – Malana (Distt. Kullu)
Oldest Princely State - Trigarta (Kangra)
Oldest Himachali Newspaper - Kshetriya Tej


  1. This is really a great post for Himachal Pardesh. I am from Raipur here.